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M-MIMO: Welcome Massive MIMO to the Collision Family

by Jared Fry on Jan 23rd, 2018
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Collision has been actively advancing the application of its technology towards Massive MIMO and is pleased to announce its M-MIMO solution.  We are excited to be able to provide tremendous improvements to this already promising technology.

As PHY layer signal processing experts, we get excited whenever there are a lot of simultaneous signal streams we can apply our algorithmic approaches to.  An opportunity to jointly process signals results in an opportunity to provide massive gains, both on their transmission and reception.

And we aren’t done — we have some really interesting R&D going on that will take this and our other solutions to the next level.  Stay tuned.


Read about it here:

and on RCR Wireless here:

Collision Communications Achieves 98.8% of What is Theoretically Possible with M-MIMO