Carriers are expected to deliver the highest possible QoE for the lowest price to subscribers, in an environment where spectrum is expensive and capacity demands continue to skyrocket. The cost and complexity of deploying and operating their networks is high. Finding solutions to make Carrier networks more efficient, more robust, and easier to deploy and operate is critical to their success.

How We Work With Carriers

As interference is fundamentally the largest limiter of Carrier networks, Collision is able to deliver solutions that dramatically improve their performance -- addressing capacity demands, resolving deployment challenges, improving subscriber QoE, and fundamentally better utilizing precious spectrum.


By working with Collision, a Carrier is able to realize:

  • Much higher spectral efficiency, which translates into …
    • Better spectrum utilization
    • Higher network capacity
    • Faster speeds
    • More users on the network
  • Better Edge-of-Cell performance and fewer dropped calls
  • Better device battery life
  • Better Subscriber QoE


These benefits translate into:

  • Reduced CapEx and Opex through higher efficiency deployments that require less planning and servicing
  • Ability to upgrade networks to be much higher performing without installing new equipment
  • Ability to do more with less spectrum
  • Reduced subscriber churn as a result of better QoE
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