Collision Communications was formed to bring groundbreaking signal processing approaches to the communications industry and to leverage the evolving industry landscape to provide unparalleled performance gains to these modern networks.

Improving Cellular Networks Through Sophisticated Signal Processing

About the Company

Collision Communications’ technologies have their origins in military R&D, focused on exploiting interference since the late 1990s. Throughout that period it was successfully shown that interference aware receivers can be used not only for canceling out undesired interference, but also to purposely introduce interference in order to increase spectral efficiency. In 2011 Collision Communications was formed with the goal of leveraging these interference aware receiver approaches in the commercial market. Our main focus is developing advanced receiver, channel estimation and scheduling technology for LTE to improve both Uplink and Downlink communications.

Management Team

Joe Farkas

President & CTO

Jared Fry


Ray Charest


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