Base Station OEMs

OEMs are faced with a myriad of pressures, from the need for higher-performing equipment, a roadmap to 5G, to even improving UE battery life of their customer's subscribers. As capacity demands continue to rise, and network density continues to increase, performance becomes harder to maintain, let alone improve, due to the complicating interference issues.

How We Work With Base Station OEMs

Collision Communications works with Base Station OEMs to enable their products to handle interference much more intelligently or achieve far superior joint transmission, thus making their products much higher performing, and far more robust to the complex interference environments they create or are subjected to.


Superior interference suppression and joint transmission enables OEM products to out-perform competition:

  • Better Efficiency and Capacity
  • Stronger Cell-Edge performance
  • Interference-Robustness enabling smoother densification
  • Significant performance gain without increasing BOM


These benefits translate into:

  • Significant product differentiation
  • Ability to better address particular network scenarios, such as ultra-dense urban and venue/stadium
  • Subject to fewer interference-derived problems
  • Greater Carrier Satisfaction
  • Increased sales opportunities driven through performance-advantages that also enable densification
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