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Collision’s Announcement Featured on RCR Wireless

by Jared Fry on Oct 26th, 2016
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RCR Wireless recently published a post on Collision Communications and our C-RAN solution.

Maximize LTE spectral efficiency by making interference work for you

It is an exciting time at Collision as we are demonstrating our C-RAN solution operating in real-time implemented on an industry-accepted processing platform, and able to show a truly amazing level of processing and a tremendous performance gain as a result.

There are a couple aspects of our C-RAN solution that weren’t talked about in the article, but that are quite powerful and worth noting:

  • Our ability to virtualize PHY-processing at the subframe level across chips dynamically.  Besides improving the utilization of the deployed hardware, it also adds flexibility to a wider network, allows the operator to dynamically utilize processing resources as needed and save electricity.
  • Ability scale our technology massively to make much bigger C-RAN networks.  This gets into a some really interesting technical areas.

Check back as I hope to post more on these topics at a later date, as they both get into some really interesting technical areas.




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by Jared Fry on Oct 26th, 2016
News & Events, Technology